Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning is an everyday occupation that is relatively easy if the carpets are well maintained and just a bit more complicated if it has been a long time since the last time you had them cleaned up.

Commercial cleanup

In the commercial remediation section we pointed out that it is all about the mold and its potential to destroy everything that it grows upon. We also mentioned briefly about the methods used to remove mold

Sewage Cleanup

A sewage spill is by far the worst thing that can happen and we really never wish that our clients will ever have to go through such an experience. Not even the ferocity of natural phenomena can come close to the health

Water is essential to the survival of every living being upon good old Planet Earth. Without it everything withers and dies. Our own bodies consist of 70% water! Yet, without the proper attention and know-how it is also capable of destroying buildings, corroding soil and metal, and creating all sorts of havoc for the human constructions.

Emergency Flood Team Encino specializes in handling water. Initially with all the steps and actions required to remove it from a flooded house or office or any other kind of building, regardless of the reasons behind the flood. Then with all the appropriate process that are necessary to dry out the premises and remove all moisture from the structure and the air so that the environment becomes once again safe for you to live or work inside it. Finally, our expert team will find out the reasons that caused the flood (if they are not obvious to begin with) and see to it that they are taken care of so that there is no repeat of the incident.

However, it is not within our responsibilities only to help with an emergency situation. Actually we prefer not to have to do this at all as there is much damage involved and much cause for heartaches and suffering, not to mention the health and safety hazards. We prefer that you call us beforehand so that we can do our best to prevent the occurrence of a flood as much as we can. And there are plenty that can be done in this regard if the team that handles the process has the appropriate experience and knowledge.

To that effect, our well-trained and most experienced experts will visit your premises, inspect the water handling installations and any potential sources of a problem, and take care of any damages and upgrades as necessary. It is well-known that unattended water and sewage pipes rot and break. Time and nature are relentless in this respect and they leave no room for neglect. It is also well-known that blocked water passages will cause the water to return where it came from and flood a building as water always follows the path of least resistance. It is also very well-known that water left to pool somewhere will slowly corrode everything around it and will become a home for a number of harmful agents, mosquitos and other nasty creatures. Close to a wall or the foundations of a building it can open holes and passages to creep in and create even more damage.

Yet, for a lot of reasons, people choose not to inspect their water installations properly.Either because they have no time, or because they do not know how. This is a recipe for an accident waiting to happen. Well! We have got news for you! You do not have to worry about it anymore. Give us a call at (818) 584-2988 now and we will take care of everything for you at the most affordable, reasonable and competitive rates of the market.

However, our services do not stop there. They extend to sewage spills and cleanup, removal of the ever so dangerous mold which has the potential to destroy whatever it sticks on, and to let your insurance company know that something has happened and provide you with all the necessary documentation and billing that will help you with the claim.

Our team consists of trained professionals that have been doing this for quite a while. They are friendly, they know what they are doing and they are there to assist you with everything so that you do not have to worry about any water related hazards, or about having to pay out of your own pocket. All you need to do is call us or send us a message. Leave the rest to us and let us prove the worth of our claims.


The name suggests that we deal with emergency situations. In part that is true. We are the best in the business when it comes to the ugly situation where we will have to come to your house or commercial building and drug out the water that has flooded the basement and / or any other part of it. This is indeed what we specialize in and what we do best. However, as said, only in part.

Having to respond to a call from a terrified voice that says: “Help! I’m flooding!” is actually the one thing that we want to have to do as a last resort. We would very much prefer not to do it all! It hurts us as much as it hurts you to have to see your belongings floating in a lake of water half-damaged or completely destroyed! It is both in ours and your best interests to call us from time to time and ask us to come by and see to it that this call will never have to be made!

So, what is it that you get when you call (818) 584-2988? Let’s take a stroll through what we offer:

Water Damage Insurance

A lot of people have insurance policies that cover the damages after a flooding. If you are a tenant of a property it could very well be that the owner of the property has such a policy as well. This really doesn’t mean much. How many of you had the unfortunate experience of trying to deal with an insurance company when you had to file a claim for anything?

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