Commercial Cleanup

image_3Commercial Cleanup

In the commercial remediation section we pointed out that it is all about the mold and its potential to destroy everything that it grows upon. We also mentioned briefly about the methods used to remove mold from a commercial (and residential for that matter) building. Now it’s time to take a closer look to these methods and what they pertain to:

It is of the utmost importance during a commercial cleanup to carefully bag any and all mold contaminated debris and / or equipment that is deemed as unsalvageable, in polyethylene bags that are specially designed for this purpose and sealed with duct tape. The spores that created the mess have the nasty habit of dispersing and growing again if the circumstances are favorable. This process is to be completed before they are taken out and disposed of as commercial waste.

It may seem to a lot of people that if the appropriate disposable paper protective equipment is available and if water and air vacuum cleaners are also at hand, then there is no need to call for a professional team. This is a great mistake. How are you going to sterilize the area? How are you going to make sure that all the spores are gone? Are you aware that if you use standard chlorine bleach to scrub the surfaces it will not solve your problem? Are you aware that if you mix chlorine bleach with another solution that contains ammonia you will create toxic fumes?

The above and a few more little secrets of the trade, is what makes the difference between professionals and amateurs. Our team has not only been properly trained to handle commercial cleanup. They are also experienced enough to know when to do what. And they are at your disposal with a call at (818) 584-2988.