Commercial Remediation

image_3Commercial Remediation

Commercial remediation in all office buildings, schools and other constructions that cover great areas and gather a lot of people is purposed to prevent the dispersal of spores that can create mold. In a most unfortunate habit, mold has the ability to gradually destroy everything it sits upon. To prevent this from happening, it is within the services that Emergency Flood Team Encino provides for its clients, to regularly inspect the premises and make sure that it is not formed at all, or if it is formed, all steps are taken to be immediately driven away.

Commercial remediation has another element attached to it which is most crucial. Since these buildings cannot be left out of commission for long, any remediation must be carefully planned before any work begins. However, before there is any need for such a remediation, an inspection can put forth a lot of prevention measures such as:


To carry out our inspection let’s take a look at what we use:

When we find a spot were visible mold has been formed things are easy and we take the appropriate steps. However, mold is a bit tricky and can lay hidden somewhere. To determine such cases we take samples especially wherever itigation is involved. Samples are imperative whenever the findings of an inspection justify the formulation of a provable theory that there may be hidden mold somewhere. Before samples are taken it is necessary to know if this theory can be proved or disproved and how.

In the case that mold is found and needs to be cleaned up, professional judgment is required to plan the remediation process and use the appropriate personnel and equipment so that everything is completed within 48 hours with absolute priority given to taking care of the moisture problem. Just like a fire needs air and flammable material to keep burning, mold needs moisture. Without it, it withers and dies. Yet, even if it does, it is not to be left there as it can be toxic and is definitely allergenic. So it must be removed.

Any material that has been affected and deemed unsalvageable must also be removed. The rest of the surfaces must be cleaned either with a wet vacuum cleaner or with damp wipe methods and completely dried up. Then any moisture left in the air must be removed with a HEPA vacuum. The process is completed with all the debris sealed in polyethylene bags and taken out.

All of the above need to be carried out by people who are themselves protected against infection. As aforementioned, mold has the potential to create health issues that vary from mild to extreme. The symptoms of mold infection may also be used to identify a case of hidden mold. These symptoms include: rash, runny noses, coughing, itchy and red eyes and wheezing.

For professionals that get exposed to mold all the time a full mold-impervious overall cover combined with a body suit made of breathable material is used. The gaps around the wrists and the ankles are sealed and heavy long gloves are used to protect the hands. Since it is possible that any remediation may disturb the spores and cause them to become airborne, eye protection in the form of goggles and respiratory protection in the form of respirators is used.

Commercial remediation is not an easy process and not a process that can be left to be carried out by inexperienced or amateur personnel. There are a lot of health issues to be observed especially in schools where children are involved and additional measures will have to be taken. A call to (818) 854-2988 will get you the most
professional teams of Emergency Flood Teams Encino at the most affordable, reasonable and competitive rates of the market.