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It all starts with a call at (818) 805-0020. We do have e-mail and other ways to contact us, but for an emergency service to deserve the name, it must be able to respond to any call 24/7. Floods can happen anytime and for any reason. And we must be at your disposal to handle things for you proficiently and satisfactorily.
If on the other hand you need a service that is not as urgent as a flood remediation, we can setup an appointment for a simple maintenance inspection at your convenience, or a next day session for an on the spot mold removal assessment and planning. You will also receive a full break down of the costs involved so that you can contact your insurance agent and find out what part of this cost is covered.

Emergency Flood Team Encino

Encino, CA
Email : [email protected]

Phone: (818) 805-0020

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