Fast Responsed

image_3Fast Response

Emergency means NOW. The point of the exercise is to reduce the damage that results from a flood. Even in a case of heavy rain a call at (818) 854-2988 may save you a lot of trouble and a great number of your belongings if we manage to clear the water pathways while the flooding is still designated as level 1 / class 1 (i.e. not a lot of water has made it into the premises and this water is not contaminated by bacterial and / or other harmful agents).

If the flooding is a result of a source inside the house it is very rare that the water pours in heavily. If you notice it in its first stages and call Emergency Flood Team Encino while doing everything possible to take out of the way any of your belongings that may be in danger and have not yet come in contact or absorbed any water, it would facilitate our job greatly. We would arrive in no time, take care of the problem, plug the leak, take out whatever water has made it inside the premises and the overall hassle would be minimal and less costly.

Unfortunately there is not a lot that we can do if the flooding is a result of a natural phenomenon like a tsunami, a landslide, or a hurricane. No one can do anything in such a case anyway other than wait until the phenomenon is over and then try to save the most of their properties.

However a flooding is not the only circumstance that is covered by our services. If you suspect that there may be a source of a water pooling inside or around your premises, or of a formation of mold, or if you just need a regular maintenance inspection just to be sure that everything is in order and your safety infrastructure is intact, then after your call or message, depending on what you want to do, one or more of our experts will visit your premises.

If it is the formation of mold or some water pooling this visit will be arranged for the same day as your call. A simple inspection will be performed within 24 hours. This is how we at Emergency Flood Team Encino define fast response. Which is another way of saying how we define that the safety of your belongings and above all the issues to your health are of the utmost importance to us as well.