Insurance Billing

image_3Insurance Billing

A lot of people have insurance policies that cover the damages after a flooding. If you are a tenant of a property it could very well be that the owner of the property has such a policy as well. This really doesn’t mean much. How many of you had the unfortunate experience of trying to deal with an insurance company when you had to file a claim for anything? They always try to find a way to reduce the compensation amounts as much as possible and they do that by getting based on details and clauses that make little sense.

In the case of flooding things are a little different. Since professional companies are expected to document everything from top to bottom, they are also expected to get hold of industry standard pricing guides and assign a dollar value to the damages that cannot be disputed. To the amount that results from the damages themselves, we add the cost of our services and the total gets reimbursed by your insurance company minus any deductibles that your contract may specify.

Many times such contracts also specify compensation for the days that you will need to stay in a different place as we will be working at your house. We will provide you with the appropriate documentation so that any such claim will have a solid base for reimbursement.

This is yet another reason for you to choose us when it comes to dealing with the insurance companies. Our accounting department is very thorough when it comes to issuing the bill. It is very detailed, every charge has ample justification and the hassle is reduced to a minimum. So is our administrative department which issues the rest of the documents like the recorded lists during the event and the certificates for the time periods that your building was not safe to live or work inside.