Sewage Cleanup

image_3Sewage cleanup

A sewage spill is by far the worst thing that can happen and we really never wish that our clients will ever have to go through such an experience. Not even the ferocity of natural phenomena can come close to the health hazards that come up after such an occurrence, not to mention the dangers to property that include and are not limited to the danger of an explosion that can send things sky high, injure people upon coming down, and then contaminate an entire area. Raw sewage can contain:

Sewage cleanup must be effected IMMEDIATELY. There is no time to waste as people’s lives and properties are at serious risk. However, this does not mean that it has to be done hastily and without some considerations taken into account. It would be pointless to contain the damage on one area only to dump the waste somewhere where the environment could be seriously hurt. It would also be pointless to gather all the dangerous objects and dispose of them in such a way that the lives of other people that would handle them later on could be placed in jeopardy.

In fact your help may also be required, not to mention crucial, in order to contain the damage effectively and as early as possible. If the damage has resulted from a septic tank backup or a clogged sewer line, after calling (818) 854-2988 to notify Emergency Flood Team Encino of the event, you should wear a pair of thick rubber boots, heavy and long gloves and anything you can think of that can protect your face and eyes and:

The professional services of our team will do the rest for you including removing the sewer water, sanitizing and drying out whatever piece of your equipment can be salvaged and use any means possible to get rid of the smell. Unfortunately, not a lot can be done in that department. It can take up as much as a week to get rid of the foul smell of sewer contents. You can help the situation by keeping the windows open at all times and by using fans and dehumidifiers (if you have any).

Under no circumstances are you to engage in trying to repair a broken pipe on your own or in getting into the mud any deeper than your boots. And under no circumstances are you to have a prolonged exposure to the sewage waste. You are not properly equipped and it is quite possible that this exposure may result in dermatitis, hepatitis legionnaires disease, asthma, allergic alveolitis, fatal damage to the liver, kidneys and blood, skin and eye irritation and gastroenteritis.

Professionals dressed in special neoprene suites and equipped with full skin, eye and respiratory system protection must take care of the cleanup and restoration process. A process which may result in the unfortunate disposal of any porous materials that have been involved. Furniture, bedding and carpets must be disposed of even if they seem intact and it looks like they can be cleaned up. Unfortunately they cannot and they pose too great of a health safety risk especially for children. We understand the grief that such a disposal protocol brings especially with items that can hold a great sentimental value.

Perhaps this is the best of times to discuss on how you could have avoided such a happenstance altogether. Here are the reasons that a sewage spill can be caused:

It could also very well be that it was not your problem or any fault of your own at all that created the sewage spill. We all know how cities services work and how well maintained their central sewage systems are. If one of the main city pipes gets blocked, there was nothing that you or anyone else for that matter could have done to prevent a sewage spill.

In fact in such a case it is recommended to call the city services directly to come and fix your problem as they must do it without you having to pay a single dime in the process. However, since it is a certainty that they will not respond in time, we at Emergency Flood Team Encino will see to it that the process is carried out immediately and properly and will mediate with the city officials for the rest of it including the compensation for our services.